Tour Options

Indoor and Outdoor Tours Available

Ancient Echoes Interpretive Centre offers both indoor and outdoor tours during the summer season from May 16 through August 26th. We also offer indoor tours in the fall and winter season by appointment. Indoor tours include our paleo-geology exhibit, our main exhibit room, Prairie View Gallery, library, and seasonal exhibits. Our outdoor tours include short or long tours through the Coal Mine Ravine. The longer tours take visitors to the many petroglyphs, a turtle effigy, ceremonial circles, and other sacred sites. We suggest that visitors choose their outdoor tour length based on their physical strength and endurance. Tours can be arranged to last as short as 20 minutes to as long as four hours in the summer season. The choice is yours. The Coal Mine Ravine is made up of numerous hills and valleys, so choosing a tour length that suits your physical stamina is a must. We're happy to accommodate you in any way we can.


Full Indoor and Outdoor Tour

Adults: $20

Seniors: $20

Students: $15

12 and under: $10

Preschool: Free

Schools: $10

Centre Tour Only

Adults: $10

Seniors: $10

Students: $10

12 and under: $5

Preschool: Free

Outdoor Tour Only

Adults: $10

Seniors: $10

Students: $10

12 and under: $5

Preschool: Free

IMPORTANT: We accept cash and cheque. Please make any cheques payable to the R.M. of Mountain View #318. 

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What to Wear

The Coal Mine Ravine can be quite hot in the summer time, so its best to dress in layers that can be removed if temperatures rise. Additionally, there is a good deal of natural foliage and cactus in the ravine. We recommend sensible walking shoes at all times. Flip flops, sandals, bare feet, and heels are not suitable footwear for hiking in the hills and can result in injury.

What to Bring

Visitors should bring sun block, mosquito repellent, and water on their tours. Water bottles can be refilled at the Centre.

Booking a Tour

Ancient Echoes does have staff onsite during the summer season from May 16 to August 26th. You are welcome to drop in for tours at any time. Nonetheless, it is best to book ahead if you know in advance that you are coming. This way we can ensure we have a staff person available to tour you on your arrival. This will overcome wait times. To pre-book your tour, please call us.

Tour Packages

Not currently available.


Herschel Yoga Retreat - August 23-25, 2019

  • "The yoga sessions were great-paced for all levels. Instructors were so knowledgeable and easy - great energy to share!"
  • "How relaxed my mind and breathing became during the yoga sessions. Felt very refocused and refreshed."
  • "The yoga was amazing ... great locations, great history. The food was fabulous. One of our hosts grew most of it. Such a great small town atmosphere."
  • "Yoga in the Ravine after the walking tour...perfect day. Great little walk to get there and beautiful spot."
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. Everything was excellent."
  • "The weekend was glorious! Meals were amazing!"
  • "Such a positive experience! Loved time to just be with my people. The setting for the yoga (ravine, Retreat House, the Barn) were all fabulous!"
  • "This was a truly amazing weekend! I cannot say it enough! The whole experience was amazing, starting with the setting of the retreat house, the yoga sessions outside and at the Barn, right to the send-off!"